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Cisco Linksys Ethernet Switches & Meraki MS Switches

Updated JULY 2021

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Cisco Linksys Ethernet Switches review

Akram Khan
Akram Khan
Director of Information Technology at UniTeller Financial Services
Easy-to-use, with great product support, this versatile, mature product is a...
I think that Cisco UI interfaces need to be a little better. They use Java for parts of the graphical user interfaces and that messes up things from time-to-time. It is very hard to maintain that graphical user interface. If it would be anything but Java it would be better. Like if you could just access the GUI from a browser, that would be...
Meraki MS Switches review

Solutions Specialist - Enterprise Networking & SD-WAN at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Pushing out policies from a single location is an easy way of leveraging utilities...
A complaint that I might have about the services is the compliance risk response. If I or our clients put too many devices on a network, threatening emails get triggered by Meraki saying that we are out of compliance. It can put unnecessary fear into the customer of the product that their services will be curtailed or that they will have to...

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