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openSUSE Leap & Oracle Solaris

Updated NOVEMBER 2021

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openSUSE Leap review

Elliott Scott
Elliott Scott
CEO at Scott Solutions LLC
Good virtualization capabilities, stable, and cost-effective
Like most Linux-based operating systems, the biggest challenge Leap faces is the GUI. I've found that while all of them are stable, there are glitches that occur from time to time, including lost functionality going from one version to the next. But these issues are more prevalent with the integrated options, and not the O/S itself....
Oracle Solaris review

Diego E. Aguirre
Diego E. Aguirre
Oracle ACE - Specialized in Systems Technologies at Telecom Argentina
I've worked with different flavors of Unix, but I chose Solaris. I like the...
There are some areas that could use some improvement. As with Solaris 10, you can install Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86 systems, but the number of non-Oracle x86 systems certified up to this point is less that with the previous version. In spite of that, you can still install Solaris 11 on a varied number of systems as 'bare metal' or you can...

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