Aqua Security Deployment

Please describe the onboarding/deployment process and how you would rate the support you received from the vendor. Please include examples.

Cem Gurkok
Lead Security Engineer at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
We were able to deploy, test, and roll it out in a short amount of time. The Aqua Security team was really supportive and were able to address our unique needs right away. They were able to address certain issues that showed up as bugs in their code but they were resolved really fast. They had really great customer service. The setup was straightforward compared to their competitors, whose setup failed. The Aqua Security setup went smoothly and we were surprised that it actually went off without any issues. The installation instructions they had provided were straightforward and we didn't require much assistance for the initial rollout. The way they packaged it, it was straightforward to install and manage at the same time. It wasn't complex at all.
One of the great aspects of Aqua Security was their technical support. They understood the issues we were reporting and they were able to take action right away. Mostly, it was not that things that were breaking, it was more things that we needed for our environment specifically. They were able to understand and take action and get something deployed within a week, which was something we hadn't seen in a lot of vendors in quite a while.
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