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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"I find the ease of use the most valuable asset of the solution.""It makes it easier to deploy service. All service tends to migrate onto the server house without having problems now. It is hardware independent.""It is good for small installations.""The most valuable feature is the high availability of the solution.""The most valuable feature is the ability to integrate the Hyper-Visor center from one console.""It is definitely the toughest competitor for VMware. It easily increases memory for our virtual machines.""This solution is much easier to manage than a bare metal machine. It is so easy to manage something through the virtual machine.""The virtualized applications and real time audition of the VMA is quite a good feature."

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"As an end-user, I would say it has allowed us to have the flexibility of moving around our workloads on different machines, and not having to worry if anything is down.""It is highly scalable. We can add new hardware and expand the infrastructure easily.""It is highly scalable. We need to scale out and up, and we can do that with vSphere. We can easily add more storage, drives, or memory.""It has high clustering and availability features. These features are not found with other hypervisors.""We saved a lot of time and hardware with this solution. It also prevents fewer incidents.""It is fairly easy to use and has enhanced security.""It is a powerful solution that enables us to take a snapshot and clone any version of machine.""Gathering all of the hosts together to create one single pool across the enterprise is a terrific feature."

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"An improvement I suggest is having more guest operating systems.""It might make it easier to move VMs across Hotmail hosts. This application process make it a little bit easier.""It would be nice if it was turned into its own product because that's the problem with it. It doesn't have a single place where you can manage things. You have to go into all different screens to be able to configure it. And then you have no idea what the performance is. It's really just a feature added to Windows, and Microsoft does not really have anything that pulls it all together well. Compared to VMware, it does not have everything collaborate on one screen.""The corrupted volume is a problem.""The cost and licensing can be improved.""Hyper-V is hosted on OS but if your OS scratches you are in big trouble. In addition, if a host fails, automatically the machine and the virtual machine should boot from another source. Those type of features would benefit Hyper-V.""The live migration feature needs improvement.""The initial setup was complex. It was nearly six years ago, but I remember it was complicated."

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"In addition, I think some of the backup features or the prediction features can be improved.""The management of the product demonstration is weak.""We stopped using a lot of cloud services. However, I see that VMware has integrated with Amazon Cloud. We will now to have to move everything to the cloud.""I would like to see VMware head towards a more GPU friendly environment.""I would like to see more software as a service solutions.""The technical support is poor. We are in Australia, but we do not have the same level of support as the US and Europe.""This solution should have a better backup policy. Furthermore, there should be an ability to expose the universal machine. In the current version, you need to shutdown and use an offline virtual machine to backup.""It needs to integrate better between multiple modules."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"The pricing isn't too bad, because you can do the bare metal hypervisor, and it is pretty fair. Other competitors are more expensive.""I use the free version of Hyper-V.""For us, it is free, so it was a prime factor for choosing this solution.""The licensing is pretty straightforward.""In terms of the licensing, if you are using Microsoft Windows 100%, it is OK. But, when you start mixing other environments, it becomes quite tricky.""I do not have experience with the pricing or the licensing of the product.""We have an agreement with Microsoft, so this came with that solution. The pricing is OK for us.""This product costs less than other competitor products on the market."

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"I think the cost should be reconsidered. VMware is not the cheapest solution out there, despite the fact that it may be one of the best.""VMware licensing and pricing are a bit more expensive compared to others, like Hyper-V. However, you get what you pay for.""The pricing is a little expensive. The licensing is a bit complex.""The price is high. It would be nice if VMware made a price reduction.""It is expensive. Other solutions on the market are free. We had to plan with VMware how many hosts that we needed in order to determine the price.""The pricing is a bit complex.""VMware does provide organizations with discounts. The customer service license fee we got discounts on from the supplier in order for us to get the best out of the license fees. That's our experience. We possibly paid less than our partner company. The partner is only local and not global like our firm.""The licensing fees are on a yearly basis."

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447,718 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Hyper-V is a native hypervisor for x86-64 systems, enabling platform virtualization. It is a Microsoft product that comes in two forms. One form is Hyper-V as a standalone product, known as Hyper-V Server (Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 is the latest version). The other form is as a role to be installed in Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, or the x64 version of Window 8 Pro. No matter what form it takes, Hyper-V gives you the services and tools required to create a virtualized server environment.

Hyper-V creates a cost-effective, stable and productive server virtualization environment by running multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and more, in parallel on one server.

Some of the business benefits of installing Hyper-V include:

  • Create a private cloud environment or expand an existing one.
  • Optimize hardware utilization and minimize resource consumption by consolidating servers in the form of virtual machines on one physical host.
  • Improvement of business continuity.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure creation or expansion.
  • Greater efficiency for test and development activities.

VMware vSphere is the leading server virtualization platform with consistent management for virtual data centers.

Deliver business value from day one with powerful server virtualization, breakthrough availability, safe automated management and intelligent operational insight that adapts to your environment. Automate workload placement and resource optimization based on preset customizable templates.

Learn more about Hyper-V
Learn more about VMware vSphere
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Find out what your peers are saying about Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere and other solutions. Updated: November 2020.
447,718 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Hyper-V is ranked 3rd in Server Virtualization Software with 27 reviews while VMware vSphere is ranked 1st in Server Virtualization Software with 43 reviews. Hyper-V is rated 8.0, while VMware vSphere is rated 8.8. The top reviewer of Hyper-V writes "An easy setup with good scalability and stability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of VMware vSphere writes "Makes Resources Available & Services More Reliable". Hyper-V is most compared with KVM, Proxmox VE, Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation and Nutanix Acropolis AOS, whereas VMware vSphere is most compared with KVM, Proxmox VE, Nutanix Acropolis AOS, Oracle VM and VMware vRealize Operations (vROps). See our Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere report.

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