AT&T Managed Security Services Room for Improvement

Jayasiri Amarasena
Director Technical Services at Eguardian lanka

The product has already improved in the sense that they are continuously making the effort to make the product better. We are now starting to work with a new version over this past month. The product improvement is there and new features are coming out. Then they have just announced something to do with the EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).  

In four months, feature-wise, a lot has been going on. They have concentrated their effort and their focus now is on USM Anywhere, which is the cloud-based system. But we already know that in our case, some of these clients will not want to send their information to the cloud. This is why we are focusing on USM on-premise and the appliance model. Otherwise, it would have been much easier for us to go into the USM Anywhere cloud-based product in terms of deployment and maintenance.  

So in all, I would say the core improvements are going on. What I have seen in the product itself right now, is adequate to meet the present requirements. But of course, the requirements will keep on changing.  

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