Axcient x360Recover Room for Improvement

Director of Field Strategy at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
One of the areas that I would absolutely say that they should improve, is the recovery from the backup when you're running in a failover mode. In other words, if I have to bring the server online on the appliance (so I'm running on the backup image), there should be a way for me to replicate back to or restore back to the hardware or the original source, and then, in the end, you would do a Delta sync and switch over. As of today, I have to shut everything down and the entire resource has to be offline while I'm doing the recovery. So having the ability to kind of recover while running would be a great feature to have. Also, when you failover to the appliance, it doesn't retain the IP information. I have to go in and update the IP information for each of the boxes that I have to fill up. If you're only doing one or two, it's not really a big deal, but if you had to failover, for example, 10-12 boxes because an entire EM infrastructure went down hardware-wise for some reason, you have to know all those IPs and go in and set them up and restart them — that can take a little bit of time. So retaining the IP information would be great. View full review »