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ASG-Zebb handles reruns automatically with precision and accuracy, all without
changes or modifications to Job Control Language (JCL). ASG is proud to offer the
generational restart functionality as a main feature of ASG-Zebb. This industry
exclusive capability allows accurate reruns of previous jobs regardless of whether
or not that job occurred several days, or several cycles, ago. By eliminating manual
intervention, ASG-Zebb ensures that jobs will use correct datasets and will be
completed virtually error free.
ASG-Zebb automatically recognizes when an abended job is being rerun. It provides
the user with precise information and then efficiently determines the most logical
restart point – usually at the point of failure. In addition, ASG-Zebb works seamlessly
with other job scheduling tools, such as ASG-Zeke, to restart jobs.

A Single Complete Solution
Backup, restore, archive and recall all z/OS data sets and volume types, including UNIX files, space management, encryption, reporting and bare-metal recovery in one solution.

All functions are offloaded to zIIPs, utilize the latest zEDC and CryptoExpress speciality cards, and transfer data over OSA cards, while using trusted standard DFDSS data mover capabilities.

Flexible Storage Choices
Eliminate tape and virtual tape architecture dependencies on proprietary hardware and networking by storing backups and archives directly on modern storage systems, including object storage on-premise and in the cloud, NAS and SAN.

No lock-in
Data is stored using standard DFDSS dump format and can be recovered with standard mainframe tools on any mainframe system, anywhere.

Cloud native
Leverage the scale, reliability and cost-effectiveness of object storage for your mainframe data. Backup and archive directly to private or public cloud storage solutions or use cloud storage as a low-cost storage tier for long term data retention.

Your data is always protected with mainframe-controlled, end-to-end encryption. All user management, authentication and authorizations are verified against your trusted mainframe security software (e.g., RACF, TSS, ACF2).

Regulatory compliance and recovery assurance
Assure you can recover data wherever and whenever you need it, via automatic recovery test functionality, and comply with backup test regulations. Better understand and plan your storage requirements with backup analytics and graphical reports sent right to your mailbox. Quickly detect errors with real-time alerts and an easy-to-use user interface.

Easy to Use
Designed for the next generation of mainframe administrators, the solution can be up and running in one day, seamlessly integrating with existing SMS backup and space management policies. Manage and monitor operations with an intuitive web user interface. Quickly find and restore data sets with Google-like search functionality. Run operations from a range of APIs or by using existing schedulers using JCL.

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