Fastly Valuable Features

Etienne WEHRLE
Ingénieur CDN - Web performance & security at CDN Tech / Ecritel
* CDN configurations are managed using VCL (Varnish Language), and you can do exactly what you want, including modifying the VCL code directly or using the GUI. This is really powerful. * The CDN performance is really good, and it is fast, all around the world. * Fastly uses configuration versioning, where you can deploy a new version in less than one minute. This includes a new origin server, caching rules, etc., and you can also rollback in less than one minute. * The self-service model contains everything, and there is no need to ask for operations to be performed by technical support. * Fastly CLI is really usefull to modify configuration in a quick way, more user friendly than the API but enought powerful to do what you want, I really like this possibility to make bulk changes View full review »