i-SIEM Valuable Features

Dannie Combs
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Donnelley Financial Solutions
* The automated mitigation capability. * A next generation capability of attack replay, where it walks back from the event, historically, to provide that visualized representation of the attack lifecycle. * The ability to rapidly deploy a comprehensive coverage tool without the need to spend months of planning for a deployment with emphasis placed on correlation rules. The ability to put aside the need for a high number of correlation rules is extremely advantageous to us, as it saves time and money, drives fidelity, and scores higher. It's just a fantastic capability. When I think about the quality of the dashboard, it's one of the features that is just fantastic to speak about. They designed a dashboard where I can get a quick snapshot with a broad lens over the last seven to 10 days that dives specifically into areas which are a bit of concern. Also, from a SOC analyst perspective, there are many levels within a SOC organization, so whether they are entry level or a new hire, they can find that right altitude of interest relative to the depth of detail that's being presented. The flexibility of the dashboard to quickly drill up or down into an altitude of your choosing is fantastic. Also, being able to pivot around between various data sets, whether it be: * Threat intelligence centric data * Alarm data * A specific asset * Elevating it to a solution level * Elevating it to an entity level The degree of flexibility and speed in which you can change your view is very impressive. Oftentimes, with some of the more legacy SIEMs which have been in market for a long time, that was one of the major pain points: It took time to refresh views. The limitations of that flexibility was frustrating. The platform has made mitigation faster primarily by way of the playbooks we defined (automated mitigation). We have a number of playbooks defined where our empow platform signals directly to the firewall to block traffic. For example, we have no customers in North Korea. Anytime we see an interrogation of our products or our assets from there, then we signal to the firewall to drop that traffic systematically when there's time. It is not some form of mean time to respond to an event, but really time relative to our analyst focusing more in other areas. View full review »
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