KeyCloud Backup and Recovery Room for Improvement

James Mercer
Director of Information Technology at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees
I would say that the room for improvement comes under the heading of performance. We backup a lot of information in a 24-hour period. It works fine. But there's always room for improvement on that. If they would make my 24-hour backup cycle window, from start to finish, a 15-hour or a 12-hour backup window, I'd be that much happier. Just to be clear, there's no time consumption on the part of my staff. This runs fully automatically. But the concern is that when you do backups, you want your backup window to be as narrow as possible. Actually, our backup window is 20 hours, and it gets done in 20 hours. Because, the longer it lingers, the more of a window there is for a disaster to knock you down. View full review »

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