Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle Other Solutions Considered

Security Team Lead at Tyro Payments Limited
We did a PoC with a few companies and we picked Sonatype and we've been happy with them since. We looked at Black Duck, and we also look at the free version, the OWASP, a dependency checker. We also looked at Veracode. The difference between Sonatype and the competitors is the accuracy. But having said that, I'm not too sure how Lifecycle compares to Black Duck. I know Black Duck is pretty good too. The main difference between Lifecycle and Black Duck for us was the price point. View full review »
Charles Chani
DevSecOps at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I think they looked at competitors but that wasn't my job. I'm familiar with the competitors. They are similar to Sonatype but, possibly, not as comprehensive. There are at least three or four other solutions using different but similar concepts. In my view, they're not as convenient or as good as Sonatype. View full review »
Axel Niering
Achitekt at SV Informatik GmbH
We also evaluated Black Duck. We selected Nexus because of the data quality and the ability to integrate it into our build process. View full review »

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