Windward Hub Primary Use Case

Software Engineer at Delta Airlines
I use it to generate documents the sales team needs to send to prospects and then to customers, where the documents can be built from data in Salesforce. All of our reoccurring documents now pop out in seconds. With Microsoft Word (it does Excel and PowerPoint too) as the template designer, we can create documents with exactly the formatting and layout we want. And with all of our business logic directly in the template, the full automation is right there. Windward (actually Office) makes it so simple to change layouts, effects, colors, and more. The smart document logic puts our business logic right in the template. This functionality allows us to incorporate data based on our business rules placed directly into the template. Because templates are created in Office, our users already know how to use the system. Because of this, most template design work is now done by business users. This also means when someone needs a new template, they can build it immediately – no more waiting. I also love that there’s no longer any code. It's not a low amount of code, it's no code. View full review »