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Windward Hub Valuable Features

Vice President, Technology Solutions at a pharma/biotech company with 201-500 employees

What we find most valuable would probably be the ability to connect to various data sources and utilize different data-source objects like store procedures and views. I also like the ability to build relationships between multiple data sources and populate documents automatically.

This enables us to utilize disparate datasets in our organization without performing a lot of rework or a lot of massaging of that data prior to it being consumed by the Windward tool, and it allows us to keep the data in a more natural state.

Windward Hub is user-friendly. The piece that I've gotten so far has been this plugin that goes into Word, and it allows you to retain some of the native functionality of Microsoft Word. Most people are very comfortable with it, and their web interface is simple. It's easy to navigate. I think it probably will continue to evolve as they evolve their products. It's very intuitive to navigate.

We do have conditional content, where we show or hide different text fields or different images or different items based on parameters that we would pass in during runtime.

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Software Engineer at Delta Airlines

Instead of having IT involved in generating documents, each user can create his/her own templates as needed. Individual teams can create templates for their group. This is a big savings, not just in cost but also a quicker turn-around.

This has saved time and resources for us on a gigantic scale, as we had issues with document automation. We now no longer have to do it manually nor pull in developers.

And the number one benefit is we now get the documents we want – exactly as we want them.

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