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About 1 year ago
My experience said there is no perfect all-in-one product doing its best for SAST, DAST and IAST together. If you're looking on Gartner-remarked products only, the most recent version of Micro Focus Fortify (today is 19.2.1) represents the best combination. If you are…
About 1 year ago
In order to run correctly, Veracode needs executables compiled with debug, that is not so different from having source code, but configuration files checking will be excluded from the analysis. The quality of detections of CheckMarx is superior, as well as the number of…
About 1 year ago
SonarQube historically was focused on Code Quality and Best Practices. Recently the enterprise and data center versions provide some security vulnerabilities detection with OWASP compliance. This is not enough. If you are focused on Secure Coding, Checkmarx is much better…
Almost 3 years ago
The weakest component of Fortify is SSC. Very difficult to customize, huge infrastructure to implement and maintain and costly

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