Eric Hoffman

Job function
Company size
1-10 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Mar 2017, Eric Hoffman's postings have been viewed 200 times on IT Central Station.

A technology executive known for innovation and product development expertise that has been involved with outside-the-box technology projects in Legal, Government, Enterprise, Media, and Small Business fields.

Examples include serving as the National Technical Director for FoodSHIELD, a national secure food defense collaboration and response infrastructure. The challenge was to develop a cohesive ground-breaking system capable of pulling together various federal, state, local, industry, and academic institutions to better protect the nation's food supply. Through silo-busting and aligning visions into a common framework supported by an agile web application suite, FoodSHIELD has become the goto standard for collaboration in the Food & Ag sector.

My speaking engagements have long focused on re-aligning expectations of users and delivering visions of expanded capabilities and streamlined opportunities to address challenges and overcome hurdles. Whether addressing security, compliance, or illustrating new paths to drive grassroots support to overcome IT inertia, my goal is help move systems and processes forward with new opportunities in technology.

I strongly believe in bringing the promise of technology to bridge gaps and increase interaction and coordination through true collaboration, data sharing, and empowerment while reshaping IT approaches to help achieve strong business results and profitability for clients.

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