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About me

I'm experienced machine learning - deep learning developer with more than 5 years professional experience. I have been learning about neural networks for over 10 years.

I have experience with NLP (Natural Language Processing), Time series forecasting/prediction.

The goal: More revenue, less cost.)

- Languages: Python, Matlab, C#, SQL
- Frameworks, libraries, platforms, tools: Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Django, SparkNLP, SQLAlchemy, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, NLTK, Spacy, Gensim, Plotly, Matplotlib, Tableau, PowerBI, Kibana, Docker

My completed tasks in this field:
- Customer segmentation
- Dynamic pricing algorithm
- Marketing metrics prediction (e.g. Value per Visit), based on Google Analytics and Taboola data
- Recommendation of the right products for the users
- Personalized marketing and sales
- Prediction of propensity to buy
- Retention and Churn analytics, prediction
- Prediction of the engagement
- Customer analytics - understanding customer behavior
- Created a possible client list for the company
- Prediction the visit value of the next day
- Understanding the needs of the users based on the activities on the website
- Personalizing the content of a website
- Increasing the conversion rate with several ways

Motto: “Reliability, Continuous learning and innovation.”

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments