Job function
Account Manager
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years

Now I'm back to my roots again, working with Sales. This time at Radpoint, within the area of IT-Security and application delivery. Our offering is a uniqe one, only working with a selected number of the best suppliers of IT security and network solutions.


Been working as a consultant at Lexicon Effekt, using their unique and proved methods to measure the full effect of our clients different change projects, and also being our company's specialist when it comes to everything connected to assessments and certifications.

I just ended my time as Lead consultant online learning and assesement at IFL Executive Education at Stockholm School of Economics.

Since I founded Svenska Test & Kunskapsmätningar back in 1995 I've been working with online learning and especially projects regarding assesement and measuring educational outcome.

Starting in 2000 I've held my own companies in this area, at present Strate & Co AB. I'm very interested in the development of using more of online learning and social media in management education and higher education.

Currently I fill my spare time setting up my new site,, where I plan to put everything I know about eLearning, psychometric's and test development for anyone interested to share and use, and hopefully others wont have to do all the web-searches I've done.

I also work with web development and do pro-bono work for an organization called Internetresan ( that works with how our children are influenced by using internet, and how we adults can help them use internet in a better way so they dont get hurt out there.

Specialties: Online learning production, online learning project management, assessement, test development, psychometrics, business development

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