Job function
Digital Marketing Practice Lead
Company size
51-200 Employees
Media Company
Years of experience
2-5 years
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Marketing, PR, Performance Poetry, Linguistics, and the Intersection of Each.

Summary of Cool Things:

> Digital Marketing
- Experience managing and executing digital marketing campaigns for over 130 clients in over 20 industries, ranging in size from 1-20 employees.
- Experience developing and executing social media marketing strategies with over 300 social networks.
- In one year, taught myself web design and designed 9 websites; taught myself (actually effective) social media marketing, and grew Twitter accounts from 0 to 12000 followers;

> Fundraising
- Led digital marketing efforts for a Kickstarter campaign (raised over $75000) for Castaway With Purpose - the documentary about the first ever solo global circumnavigation on human power (Erden Eruc). See link below MetaPhorYou role.
- Led digital marketing efforts in final ten days of Indiegogo campaign (took it from $6000 to over $16000) for Updating Archimedes - a fully functional water pump designed for developing nations: zero moving parts, just drop in a river and irrigate! See link below MetaPhorYou role.

> Public Speaking / Persuasive Speaking / Performance Poetry
- See link below Sacrificial Poet Project role. That's a room of 200 fully grown adults participating in a performance poem of mine, which includes my saying "hope" in 14 languages.
- See other links below Sacrificial Poet Project role. Yes that's a poem about why bachelor party culture is oppressive, to a bunch of college kids. Oh, and that's a poem apologizing for crimes committed by people with privilege similar to mine (also to a bunch of college kids).

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