Job function
Product Support Engineer
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Company
Years of experience
5-10 years

My research interests span different topics in the general domain of network security. While I am interested in the areas of Cloud Security, IT Security Governance, Security Management, Security Auditing, and security in Critical Infrastructures, I am particularly interested in Security and Privacy in e-Commerce.

Courses & Certifications :

- Certified Dell SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA)
- Dell SonicWall Intermediate Exam ( Advacne level )
- IPv6 course offered by Globalipv6
- CompTIA Security+ certified
- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – Security
- Microsoft Certified Professional
- Surfcontrol Technical Certification
- Kaspersky Lab Data-Security Professional Certification
- Kaspersky Lab Data-Security Technician Certification
- Websense Email Security Certification ( Technical )
- Websense Hosted Security Certification ( Technical)
- NETASQ UTM Administrator Certified ( v.7)
- NETASQ UTM Expert Certified ( v.7 )
- NETASQ UTM Expert Certified ( v.8 )

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