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Over 4 years ago
Firewall should be: - with NGFW features - Capable of Inspecting encrypted traffic without breaking or compromising the security of the traffic. - Scalable - Easy to manage and configure - with Excellent vendor support
Almost 6 years ago
Cost/License should also be part of the criteria, because the capabilities of these solutions depends on how much EPS it is allowed to process. A lot of "events" goes down the drain if its beyond the EPS that customer license so therefore giving it a incomplete view of the…
Almost 6 years ago
all of the above + robust support from the vendor
About 6 years ago
For Firewall, I'm looking for grandular policies and detailed audit logs based on these policies... Reports customization based on what policies are implemented.., egress and ingress traffic reports depending on the requirements. Reports should also be able to capture what…