Job function
Digital Commerce Delivery Lead
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Bright and smart. Helping organizations and teams by...
... driving technology-enabled innovation in business, product and organizational transformation.
... fostering learning, lean management and focus on the 'Gemba' - the place where value is created.
...coaching and mentoring novice Analysts, Developers, Designers and QA.
...shielding, supporting and growing talent
...inspiring others to think creatively and strategically nurtured by a leadership matrix of similar SMEs.

Proven capability having...
...worked with some of the best in marketing, commercial, IT, product and strategy teams
...always brought a natural desire to improve customer-facing and internal work experiences.
...been the out-of-the-box thinker, creative problem solver and strategist for initiatives worldwide since I graduated.

I do...
...thrive showing teams the way to peak performance in the delivery of strategic segment-defining initiatives.
... nurture Reinertsen's "product development flow"
... feel fortunate to bring experience across many world-class brands, web & advertising agencies along with management consulting exposure.

Core expertise is in web technologies and methodologies supporting mobility, responsive design, e-commerce, tablet, mobile and touchless services across many verticals. Orchestrating requirements and effort across a rich eco-systems of talent including interactive design, scrum teams and product management.

Working for internationally recognized brands. Specialty has been in information design, digital commerce, CRM, loyalty, with last 5 years adding social, gamification and omni-channel customer experience design patterns to personal toolkit.

Experience in web technologies from SQL to NoSQL, HTML, CSS and AJAX to Apache, APIs and JSON, to search engine. Built solutions in C, C#, LAMP, MEAN, Ruby-on-Rails, PHP and Python. Competence across most SaaS and any cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Google or Heroku.

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