Job function
Digital Strategist & Product Owner, Enterprise
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

- Product research expert, data driven - market, customer and competitive landscape.
- Excellent communication and presentation skills for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
- Expert in creating minimal viable products, communicating product visions, building roadmaps, guiding UI/UX, create wireframes and mockups.
- Built and launched successful, scalable web and mobile applications. Understand application architecture, scalable technologies infrastructure, Databases etc.
- Responsible for Product Launches, pitches & presentations. Was also selected and presented in silicon valley - (Onsite & online broadcast to 1000s around the world).
- Extensive experience in understanding, collecting potential customer needs, gain market exposure and reaching target market for continuous feedback.
- Successful in Product positioning, marketing and compelling content creation. Been covered by VentureBeat, Microsoft etc.
- Always relating product growth to user acquisition strategies, SEO, SMM, digital marketing efforts.
- Applying agile methodologies and leveraging Application lifecycle management (ALM). Familiar with tools like JIRA.
- Collecting data from different stakeholders around customer journeys, engagement, conversions, trends etc. to better manage the product roadmap and existing workloads.
- Been living, working across the UK, Canada, U.S. and building products across continents, managing both local and remote teams.
- Over a decade of Management experience, understanding strategic goals, objectives and financial budget management.
- Extensive experience in Training, Customer Success and Relationship Management.
- Understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
- 15+ years of consulting, analyst, product management experience, launched own products & solutions - BI portals, ERP, CRM, Project Management, Knowledge Management & Digital Asset Management.
- Microsoft Certified: Small Business Specialist & SQL Server

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