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If IBM is not a possibility, BMC then. Try to allign with an IBM or BMC business partner with proven installation/setups already made "recently". If customer has "Mainframe", IBM for sure. Tidal i do not know but with CA, historically there was always too much scheduler…


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Workload Automation

About me

How to meet challenges? Skills and Knowledge matter ... attitude make the difference …

My career has always been on IT and how it can transform our lives:

- Where? From IT customer side now leveraged on the vendor side of IT and continuously working for capitalizing into the next career level.
- Doing what? From technical (Infra-structure, applications and processes related) into pre-sales, sales and team leadership.
- On which platform environments? Almost all from on-premises into the Cloud.
- On which roles? Developer, Systems and Networking Programmer, Consultant, Project Manager, Pre-Sales, Sales and Team Leadership.

Why I am here on LinkedIn? Business is made from people to people and relationships make a difference when it comes to build solid and stable teams that bring value into the organization and shareholders.

About me:
-Effective communication: Listen, Understand and then Talk ... with continuous acknowledgement.
-Computer and technical literacy: skills and knowledge do matter.
-Problem-solving/Creativity: connect the dots and let's dare to think out-of-the-box.
-Interpersonal abilities: be someone of confidence and a trust adviser.
-Teamwork skills: success celebration is always team related.
-Diversity sensitivity: be a professional and a (human) colleague.
-Planning and organizing: Failing to plan is planning to fail.
-Leadership and management: do the right things and do them right.
-Adaptability and flexibility: each day is different, so, let's learn and get the best from it.
-Professionalism and work ethic: again, do the right things and do them right with a clean conscience.
-Positive attitude and energy: stay on the solution side and better to say sorry than ask for permission.