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I have Over 19+ years of strong experience in diverse domain areas such as Teams/group Management, Software application, Software testing, process improvement,Vendor Management, Product Management, Engineering R&D.

 Setup and maintained highly engaged, flexible teams from scratch for Technical consulting, Technical Support, Software Quality, Test automation, Product Maintenance with high level of work satisfaction for the team members and organizational excellence

 Experienced with involvement in more than 10 major software release cycles in PTC for deliverables in Technical Consulting, Quality, Customer Education Development etc.

 Successfully envisioned, implemented a new generation technology for test automation of web based application like Windchill a PLM application. The solution was developed with mutual interests between PTC and Qualitia software and soled in market with name 'Qualitia' by Qualitia Software.

 Developed and rolled out vision for the group handled, defined goals, established measurements and metrics

 Managed deliveries for by establishing SLAs, improving processes/operating procedures, implementation of web based tools, adoption of tools, career and performance management, recruitment, recognitions, project management, vendor management/contracts management, Trainings, co-ordination between various functional heads and site level management

 Grown the group handled with development/setup of several teams handling diversified functional responsibilities

Specialties: Software QA, SDLC, Managing teams, Departmental management, Contractor management, Product Management, Project/Program Management, Site management, Working in a global organization,Test automation, Customer Education, Learning Management System, SDLC, Apllication of Pro/Engineer, Windchill, PDMLink,ProjectLink

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