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I have great amount of experience building enterprise web applications on JEE platform. I enjoy working with and learning new programming languages and frameworks.

I regularly write on software on, my personal blog, and, ScrumTurkey. I also enjoy giving talks & presentations on software.

Currently I am focused on Agile processes (Scrum, Kanban & XP), management and developing for the Android platform.

Expertise on JEE, (JSF, JPA), Spring Framework, iPhone/Objective-C platform.

PSM I (2013), SCJP (2009), SCWCD (2009)

TOEFL iBT (88), 2007
Android Thread Modeli, (Android Developer Days, 2013)

Android Thread Modeli, (Android Developer Days, 2013)
Çevik Öğretiler Scrum (2013)

Çevik Öğretiler Scrum (2013)