Joseph Matthew

Job function
I help CTOs/Managed Service Providers save 7%-55% on AWS bills with AI.
Company size
1-10 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Mar 2018, Joseph Matthew's postings have been viewed 103 times on IT Central Station.
Reviews, Articles & Questions

Joseph Matthew helps MSP and businesses that work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with right-sizing of cloud machines thereby reducing costs and managing cloud spend. Software WORX leverages Artificial Intelligence with cloud data to make complex decisions in near real-time, that normally require highly trained specialists and engineers.

Seven days free trial with a guaranteed 5% minimum cost savings or this tool it's totally free. Typical customers will find between 25-55% savings in 3 minutes of setting up secure read-only unintrusive access to your Amazon Web Services generated data. No private keys, admin or S3 bucket or access to any of your private content. Let your workload determine the right cloud resource types - EC2, storage types, etc. based on your cloud usage patterns. Find us at AWS Marketplace

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