René Bastien

Job function
Information Security Specialist
Healthcare Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Rene has been working in the payment industry for more than 24 years, as a project manager, product manager and subject matter expert of payment system, chip cards and EMV implementations. René's payment product experience covers management of the product roadmap for all SafeNet payment HSM products, providing guidance to SafeNet clients, partners and sales force on Payment systems, as well as preparing and securing approval for specific product enhancements. He is a frequent speaker to international industry events (Cartes, CTST, ACT, etc). René has more than 33 years of experience as a consultant to the private sector and to governments worldwide, with organizations such as the Swiss Post/Postfinance, Telekurs, STMicroelectronics, American Express, Hewlett-Packard, Interac, Desjardins, National Bank of Canada and many others. René guides clients in the use of information security tools and techniques, advanced card technologies, biometrics and their efficient implementation, with a focus on novel uses of technology to solve business issues.

Specialties: Payments industry subject matter expert
Manage large projects
Use technology in novel ways to solve business issues
Smart cards
Managed 70 EMV implementations

René also is an accomplished photographer; please look at the Google+ link provided for some of his photos.

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