Job function
Company size
11-50 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years

Over 28 years management experience, up to the CEO level, managing individual teams, departments, and entire companies. Built up superb software teams from scratch. Dramatically improved the productivity of existing software teams. An invited speaker on management at several national conferences and wrote two management books for McGraw-Hill.

Also have over 10 years experience developing in C#/.NET and Java/J2EE. Architected, designed and coded several complete .NET and J2EE-based enterprise systems. Have numerous years of experience with network protocols from the packet to the socket level. Have also written operating systems, enterprise server systems, applications, and games in C++.

Presently learning Javascript, Typescript, & Azure. The TypeScript/Javascript part is client based and after a month I'm finding it not only easy, but there are some really nice advantages to it. Although would it have killed them to have integer & character as native types and scoping for variables?

Azure appears easy at first, but that's because you can do things the wrong way. Figuring out the right way to program a cloud-based server app is a major learning experience. I think I'm getting there, but I worry that there's some major parts I'm doing wrong, and just don't realize it.

Invited speaker at numerous national conferences speaking on topics ranging from low-level programming to managing the development process. Author of four books and over 30 articles.

Specialties: management, primarily in startups; C# and Java architecture, design, and coding.

I've contributed to numerous products from Windows 95 to Windward Reports. But the product that gave me the most joy was when I designed and wrote 1/3 of the code for the game Enemy Nations.

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