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Technical Business Analyst at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

One thing the customer behavior tracks is keyboard strokes and the specific shares along to go around with the BT level to catch the users of the function key and other special characters. It can track mouse movements as well as the actual oriental moments of such as the movement of devices, how they are held, and the angles which at they are held. All these are captured for customers and a behavioral profile is built for the customer over a period of time. This would be matched against any fraudulent behavior. If, for example, suddenly a customer account seems to be accessed by our profile, which is not one particular customer account, if the movements or habits are suspect, we can catch the fraud and shut it down.

The behavioral biometrics are the core of the solution. All the moments I've just spoken about, are valuable each of those movements is assigned a score and there is a range of the score, which can be fine-tuned to make a decision to say, if the score is out of a certain range, then it could be a fraud and the total sum of all these behavioral moments will come up with a decision making score and that is fed into another fraud mitigation tool within the banks.  Typically, the information is sent to ARIC, which is the decision-making unit, and it will decide whether or not to allow this particular transaction or the account opening application to go through.

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