BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Other Solutions Considered

Application Performance Mnagement Specialist at a insurance company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We did a bake-off. We were doing a lot of business with Dell computing, as far as purchasing servers from them, and they opened up their labs to us. We brought both tools in, and people from both companies, and we ran some load against some servers. We had them measure them and asked them to forecast how the servers would behave and when they would break. We used more computers in the lab to generate more load and then we actually saw who was right. I wouldn't say that either tool was more right than the other. What was interesting at that time was that the competitor was really new and they did not share their information. They weren't letting us see how they were doing the work. There was just one person for BMC, while there were three people from the other vendor. They huddled around and kept us out. They kept saying, "We'll tell you in a minute, we'll let you know." The one person from BMC we worked with was wonderful. He sat down, was open, let us play around, explained how it worked. It worked. It has worked. End of story. In its space, TrueSight Capacity Optimization is a ten out of ten. We all have room for improvement. But in its space, it's a ten. Believe me, I have been challenged, and we have actually done proofs of concept with competitors, the existing ones today. TeamQuest is one, but they've got a new name now because they've been bought out by somebody else. That's usually the one that's closest. Metron-Athene has also been purchased by somebody else. Those are the two competitors. We have evaluated them. They are maybe a seven or six out of ten, in my mind, based on how we use the product. View full review »