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Hugh Percy
Manager of Cyber Security Operations at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Bromium is a very good choice. It will make your life a lot easier and you should definitely implement it, especially if you're in a hospital environment and you have a radiology department that uses traditional AV. We do not use the forensic data reported from Bromium to help protect our data center. We don't use the secure browser to isolate high-risk web activities. We use the regular browsers here. Our browsers are hardened: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I would rate Bromium as an eight out of ten. What comes to mind is the ease of use. What also comes to mind is that if you are in the BEC and it detects some malicious activity it shows you in detail what it is, what it's doing, and where you can find it. We haven't really received a lot of tickets or complaints or issues with Bromium, so that again saves money. Finally, I think of the ease of install and support. The reason it doesn't get a ten, in my opinion, is that there are some slight issues that I haven't been able to work out yet. Because Bromium has isolation, it isolates from one browser to another. If you're doing SSO and you actually want better communication or a certain type of communication from one browser window to another, you have to do a little bit of finagling to get it to work correctly. It's not all the time, just in some instances. As I said, our particular environment is very complex. But, that's the only reason it doesn't get a ten. I'm sure in the future that they will make adjustments accordingly. View full review »
Director of Information Security with 1,001-5,000 employees
Make sure that you meet their specs as far as hardware requirements go. Having a standard hardware configuration, as we do, is huge, where you don't have to deal with different hardware things that may get affected by the resources that Bromium needs. We're very happy with the product, for both things that I mentioned already: protecting endpoints for when our users are accessing the internet, for unknown websites, and the same for docs and PDF. We've had this for a little over three years, we were one of their early customers. It was a rocky implementation initially because it was when they first came out, but their support, their service, and responsiveness have always been excellent. Any problems that we have had, they have always been very quick to assist, address. They do a user group once a year, which is very valuable. Customers come in and they meet with Bromium execs, some engineers are there as well. It's like a user group, where they sponsor it and they have people come. That's a great exchange of information and great product-wise for talking about enhancements and what people are seeing, problems they are having, things they'd like to see. It's definitely nice and I would recommend they keep doing that because I think it's a big benefit. For us that's what kept us going down this path, besides the great protection we're getting, especially during the rocky road at the beginning: the response, how responsive they are with issues. I'd give it a high nine out of ten. Looking at it in the big picture of the risk that you're mitigating and the protection that you're getting, it's phenomenal. You pay for it a little with the resources and a little bit of work, from time to time, with sites that don't function quite right with it. View full review »
Director of IT Security, Risk and Compliance. at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
If you want something that is actually effective, versus easy, this is a solution that is effective. It won't necessarily be the easiest tool to implement but, in the end, the work and effort are absolutely worth it. We haven't really removed solutions as a result of using Bromium but we've looked at them in a different way. We try to make sure that we have the appropriate layers within our environment because every tool has a function. What we've done is actually focused on tuning to make sure every solution that we're using is keyed to be most effective where we need it to be. That includes Bromium. It has a very specific part of our overall security strategy and posture, and we've been focused very heavily on making sure that it is positioned correctly and operating effectively to manage that perspective. We have roughly 8,000 to 10,000 people whose machines are protected by Bromium and we have everything from mine workers to plant workers to our CFO and our CEO. It is installed on all of our desktops and we are continuing, as we refresh hardware, to expand it as well. In terms of administration and maintenance, we have two people who focus on it, around troubleshooting issues as they come out, and making sure that we have a strategy for keeping up to date with new releases. I rate Bromium at eight out of ten. It's an effective solution, but no solution out there is going to cover everything. There are always going to be gaps in whatever solution you go with. Bromium is a very solid one and it is extremely effective in what it does. View full review »
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Product Lead at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Start with proper hardware: 8GB of RAM and Core processors. Don't try to run it on 32-bit software, 32-bit operating systems, and don't try to run it with 4GB of RAM or you will have lots of issues. If you start with good hardware, the issues that we had will be negligible. I give it a rating of six out of ten because the main thing about Bromium - while it's the only game in town, it really does something unique that no one else is doing - the reasons I knocked it down are the support, the compatibility issues. Whatever team is in charge of maintaining the product, it will definitely increase their workload in troubleshooting potential issues with other things. View full review »
Director with 51-200 employees
It's absolutely worth taking a look at this technology, especially if your environment is susceptible to ransomware or malware. This product is very effective in addressing that. I rate Bromium at eight out of ten because I believe there's room for improvement in the rate at which they should keep up with updates, and maybe in some additional functionality. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about HP, Cylance, Sophos and others in Endpoint Protection (EPP) for Business. Updated: February 2020.
398,050 professionals have used our research since 2012.