Collibra Lineage Valuable Features

Senior Manager, Service Design Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

Metadata management is one of the key aspects of the product we really appreciate. 

The lineage is one of the important features as well. We felt the asset model is very good. 

We have tried implementing some of the out-of-the-box workflows of Collibra however, we have also used some customized workflows. Customized workflows in terms of data stewardship, assigning basic roles and responsibilities, for issue management, et cetera. They are very useful in setting up the proper governance. Previously, our metadata and repositories were scattered. Since using Collibra, they're all coming into a centralized location. 

Overall, it is a good tool, due to the fact that, with other tools, in some or other way they are lacking certain capabilities.

There are extract, transform, and load tools wherein you can track the data lineage. You can track technical lineage, though not exactly proper lineage. That said, Collibra is a good tool to track, everything starting from process to the attribute table column level. 

It is user-friendly. I could easily go into the Collibra UI and explore the key features.

The solution has very good online assistance. Collibra University is definitely a great help. There are all of these free resources wherein wherever you are stuck, you can go and check and come back and fix items.

What we have done is, we have internally set up a self-service process. We could set up a self-service process within Collibra wherein business stakeholders can come and they can onboard themselves on Collibra. My team specifically is just educating them and helping them following the best practices of Collibra asset model and community. We are setting up their roles and responsibilities, community managers, the manager stewardship, et cetera. We can set everything up so that users can come and onboard themselves.

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