What are the biggest challenges in data governance?


What are the biggest challenges that you commonly encounter in data governance? How can these challenges be overcome?

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Challenges to Data Governance come from 'things that are lacking'.   

Overcoming a lack is found in identifying precisely the gap, planning to fill the gap, execution of filling the gap, and measuring again ensuring the gap is indeed filled.

The common lacks that present the biggest risk to Data Governance:
- Leadership - the orchestration of data activities that maximize the impact
- Knowledge - the truths surrounding the true value of data and the governance required
- Support - the communication required to emphasize the practicalities AND the risks
- Resources - the budgets, ownership rights, and people required to govern the data

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I agree with Thomas, adding two more topics: 1 - Prove the business value, it not easy but it's necessary to accelerate the adoption; 2 - Use business cases and best practices.

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