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Getronics Desktop Outsourcing Room for Improvement

Founder / CEO at a tech company with 10,001+ employees

Since the beginning of the project, the Desktop Outsourcing was supposed to be an ongoing improvement, but in accordance with the ITIL guidelines. There are many processes that seem to be slowing down some urgent tasks. But because the tasks are urgent and critical, all the more, the processes need to be followed as it will include recovery plans, escalations processes should the required tasks or changes on the systems needed to be done. 

From my personal experience during the period when the Desktop Outsourcing was first introduced, the main reason systems fail is simply because no proper process was put in place in ensuring the right approvals are given (especially from the stakeholders that are paying for it) and all the risks and especially the 'worst-case scenarios' should be made known to the respective personnel. As they all should know if something happens, how bad could it be.

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