Grande Enterprise Voice Services Valuable Features

Lori Hyatt
Accounting Manager at Evergreen Exhibition
For us, one of the most important features is the conferencing. We use that feature a lot. We also like that long distance is included, because it's over the internet. We use our voicemail and all of us love the fact that we all have it emailed to us as well, getting it on our phones. A lot of our people travel, and it's a lot easier for them because they're always checking their email. It's easier to listen to it there rather than having to dial into the phone and put their codes in and go in and retrieve messages. It makes it really quick to be able to get your messages. You're notified right away when you have one, and then all you have to do is open your email and click on it and you can hear it. That's been a very convenient feature. Another nice feature is that we're able to transfer a call to our cell phones. We have the Mobility app and we are able to set it up where our desk phone can ring on our cell phone. When we're traveling, we can turn that on and we can get those calls right away, and they don't even have to go to voicemail. That's been a helpful feature. I know there is call forwarding on other phones, but with this one, if they dial our number, when we pick up on our cell phone, or if we call from our cell phone on that app, they're seeing our work phone number. It's like they're reaching us at work, even though we may not be at work physically. View full review »