Nutanix Prism Pro Valuable Features

Maroane Boutayeb
System Engineer at a sports company with 501-1,000 employees
The most valuable feature for us is the way we can use it with virtual machine to spin them. It is lightning fast compared to what we had before. The day-to-day tasks on a virtual machine are really fast. We have the economy of not having too much complexity in the menu and design of the solution, and information is accessible pretty quick. The best feature is really how simple it is to interact with virtual machines. The Prism features on the backup side have made it so much easier. Now, when we want to backup our VMs and do a cross data center backup, we utilize two clusters located in two data centers in Paris. For each virtual machine that is running, we have what they call a protection domain, which takes a snapshot of the VM and sends it to the other cluster. In the event of a cluster failure on one of the data centers, we can just press one button in another data center on another cluster in Prism. This will spin the VMs that have been backed up from the primary data center to the secondary one and make them run. It is a one-button recovery plan, which is pretty amazing. View full review »
Tyler Twitchell
Senior Systems Engineer at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
The most valuable feature for me is being able to find a machine, regardless of which cluster it's located in, as quickly as possible, and being able to work on it. A lot of times we are called upon to troubleshoot an issue. That usually means there's a problem that needs quick attention. Being able to find machines, ascertain their status, and do so in a timely manner, are processes that are very critical to our business needs. View full review »
Anibal Coral
Infrastructure IT Analyst at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Ltda.
* The update for all clusters * The Kubernetes solution for Nutanix * Calm is a good tool for deploying critical blueprints. All these tools are managed by Prism Pro. With Prism Pro, you have the scripting tool where all functions are available through the interface and 1-click centralized upgrades. Though, you can do the same things by programming. The tool's management for clusters is amazing and simple. It's quite simple to use it daily. With 1-click centralized upgrades, I can update my entire cluster using the data tech software from a single point in an easy way. It shows me that I have an update, then I just apply it, wait a few minutes, and all of the clusters are updated. It doesn't matter if it's a software update or something like bills. Everything is done from one central point. Also, the dashboard are really good. We have some relevant formations where I can see my cluster's CPU age, memory age, virtual machines, etc. All information can be viewed in an easy way, which provides me a cloud-like experience on an on-prem solution. The dashboards also let me see the efficiency of my virtual machines, e.g., I can set it for a reminder to show me if there are any machines that are overprovisioned or constrained, then I can adjust the machines. In addition, I can create new virtual machines on any clusters from a single point of access. It's a pretty cool tool. The interface is nice and simple. When the guys did the implementation, they told me, "They will walk me through on the solution and explain most of the important configuration tools." After that, I learned Prism Pro by myself. I never did a training or anything else. When the techs provide a new update, I take a look and see what's new. Sometimes I watch YouTube video from Nutanix with the new features, but it is really simple. View full review »
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Brad Burgess
IT Systems Technical Specialist at a government with 51-200 employees
The Pro license gives us Capacity Behavior Analytics. This feature lets you see what your capacity is and what you're using in your Cluster. It predicts what it's going to look like in a few months. You can forecast if you need more infrastructure. It sees how much your environment's growing and helps with the sizing of VMs to meet your workload growth. The 1-Click Centralized Upgrades are really nice. When you go in and want to upgrade your Cluster, you just click a button and everything will upgrade. You don't have to go to each individual server to do the upgrades. These features save time. They give us insight into what our data is doing and what we need to do to ensure it's running properly. It is very intuitive and easy to use. It just makes sense. You don't have to look around for a lot of things. The things that you will be using are just there. Everything is on one screen. You can click through to go where you want to go, but there are not a million buttons that you have to figure out (where to go for what). We use the solution’s X-Play automation feature. The anomaly detection is nice, as it give us insight into things that are anomalies. We can then take corrective actions on them. Its codeless approach to automation is good because I don't like to code. It's point and click, which is nice. It sets up your automation without having to do any coding. X-Play has a page that provide us with a single tool for monitoring automation. This page is where I go if I need to set up automation or check if something needs to be done. View full review »
Ilan Stark
Project Manager at a healthcare company with 501-1,000 employees
It's very easy to understand. The interface is very clear. We plan to use the solution's X-play or Cross-play automation features. This is in contract. We moved to Nutanix and we have a lot to do. For now, we are more concentrated on blueprints but we plan to have a look at these features. View full review »
Director of IT at Acumen Fiscal Agent
The most valuable feature is definitely the disaster recovery portion, which they call Xi Leap. It's included in the licensing. Before, we were on a solution that charged extra for DR software. And with Prism Pro, not only can we manage all of our other infrastructure in addition to our DR, in the same console, but we can set up recovery points. We can also set up scripts to run, so it gives us everything we need to have a solid DR plan in place. It's very similar to Prism Element. It's very easy to use. The navigation is all on the left side and it's broken down into categories. It has a fast HTML5 interface, so you don't rely on any Java. Nutanix stays with its one-click mindset on this as well. There are very few clicks to get where you need to go. Overall, it's very easy to use and administer. Prism Pro comes with capacity planning and runway analytics. We use those features, as well as provisioning and VM analytics that will tell us which virtual machines are using too many resources, or not enough resources, so we can right-size them appropriately. They're definitely very useful. By right-sizing the VMs we're not wasting CPU or RAM. The runway gives us an idea, for our budget year, about whether we might need to add another node to support our capacity. That is all very helpful. View full review »
Sr Network Systems Administrator IT Infrastructure at Moda Health
ONE-CLICK UPGRADES! - Nutanix Prism Pro provides robust upgrading Nutanix clusters mechanism that has long been a delightful experience delivered via one-click upgrades. The one-click process hides a lot of complexity by using advanced automation and consumer-grade design experience. Historically, each cluster had to be upgraded one at a time. While the process itself was simple, this constraint still extended the length of time required to complete upgrades for multi-cluster environments. Advance Search- Nutanix prism Pro offers to search Nutanix infra related entities as a content format. For example, it shows for VMs who is using memory equal to or greater than 10GB,VM memory =< 10GB. This is a very advanced feature that helps to get deeper details of Nutanix cluster entities. View full review »
Analista Senior de Servidores at vocem teleservicios
It is interesting to me how Nutanix manages hyperconvergence, the possible failures that can occur in the platform migrating machine machines to nodes without problems while solving the failed node, but without a doubt Prism is the feature that I value the most since I can manage and monitor everything in a single tool, giving me simplicity, statistics, states of equipment resources, alerts, updates in a single click, migrate equipment nodes manually or automatically. In short, Prism is my favorite among many that Nutanix has. View full review »
Subramanya Aithal
Manager at Flipkart
Reporting features in the console is so self-explanatory that even a non-IT person in the office can also understand it. Our finance users have access to this console and they will get the consumption details without having any dependency on us. Also, this dashboard is extended to our NOC team who will be able to interpret the alerts and decide on what to inform us whenever an alert pops up. Moreover, the deployment process was so easy and smooth that post rack and stack and management IP configuration, it just took less than 2 days to configure the cluster of 40 nodes, upgrade the firmware, create file service and VM space and integrate with our infrastructure. View full review »
IT Administrator and Sr. VMware Engineer at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
As I mentioned earlier, One-CLick Update, the dynamic monitoring of the entire environment, its simplified search, and all the reporting functions it offers to allow for really complete and neat infrastructure management. All of the additional features included allow for a very advanced level of general understanding. Virtually nothing can escape us working with the tool since every small detail (for example, an IOPS level outside of normal) can be analyzed in detail, generate an automatic report and send it to our team to immediately deal with it. View full review »
VoIP Specialist / Network Technician at Luminet Solutions Inc.
The features I have found the most useful are the health checks, extremely fast snapshots/restores, and the high availability service. The dashboard for Prism Pro is extremely elegant, powerful, and simple, with everything needed at a glance, including but not limited to, the health status of the cluster, the operational state of your environment (in our case virtual machines), and ease of navigation through fields that are less common, but none the less necessary such as disk imaging and simple one-click upgrades. View full review »
Senior Technical Analyst / Infrastructure Admin at Interfor Corp
* Update management for all nodes, which included in it and it is straightforward and visual upgrade processes. * Calm is another good feature we are looking at to use the playbook to manage all VMs. We are likely to give a trial on that. * File is a cool feature that allows you to share files like windows server but actually without a server and it can replicate the changes by using a build-in replication tool. I can snapshot the shared data and the user can restore the files by themselves if needed, which saves lots of effort of SD. View full review »
Network Engineer at North Vancouver School District #44
Customizable Dashboard allows each admin to have things the way they like. Admins can just add the features they use most and remove the ones they don't. Alerts and tasks are easy to see and access. Capacity Runway which shows us behavior trends. We can analyze trends from the past and predict future growth. It can also address potential capacity issues in the future based on past growth. This also includes the VM behavioral learning engine which allows us to plan for future growth at the single VM level. This is helpful in preventing over or under-provisioned VM's View full review »
Techical Lead at Aristocrat Technologies
Prism Pro’s X-Play links intelligent signals with automated actions. With a few clicks, the IT team can automate their day-to-day operational tasks. They can build automation and improve the productivity of the operation with ease and confidence and zero coding Using X-Play, the IT team can create playbooks for common remediation or troubleshooting steps. Those playbooks can be triggered automatically based on the alert polices along with predictive monitoring based on behavioral analysis to generate actionable signals and provide early warnings View full review »
Analista de Servidores at Vocem 2013 Teleservicios S.A.
Tiene una mejor gestión de la plataforma de ahorro de costos y un mejor control y mantenimiento de los recursos. No puedo pensar en ninguna mejora en este momento, pero el soporte es de primera categoría. Hemos tenido muchos problemas para actualizar desde el principio. Al principio, vi el manual de usuario del producto, pero al instalarlo y administrarlo de una manera práctica, pude ver que es muy amigable y confiable a nivel de interfaz, al mismo tiempo muy específico, muestra características de los recursos nunca observado al menos por mí en plataformas similares View full review »
Implementation Manager at Ruffalo Noel Levitz
The one-click upgrades and single-window management through Prism are the two greatest advantages for us. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Nutanix Prism Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: July 2020.
442,986 professionals have used our research since 2012.