RCN Hosted Voice ROI

Bracey Fuenzalida
IT Director at a university
One part of the ROI is the cost, and the other ROI is that we get efficiency. So far it's 100 percent uptime. Previously, when I walked in, as I said, an outage happened on my first day. People were smiling and laughing, "Welcome to your first day." Since getting RCN, we haven't had a "welcome-to-your-first-day" scenario. These are the areas where we see ROI. Can you get any better? * We're saving money, at least 38 percent. * We went up five to six times on our bandwidth for both voice and data * We have 100 percent uptime. View full review »
Mazen Fares
IT Manager at Piramal Critical Care, Inc.
We had our internet service provider with one company, we had phone service with a different company, we had T1 lines and voice lines. We were only using RCN at one office. When it came to centralizing everything on RCN's voice and internet, versus what we were paying, we were able to reduce our monthly cost by about $400 to $500 per month. View full review »
Director of IT at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
The only return on investment is the increase in sales because of the reliability. Having the reliability of the phones allowed us to increase our volume of work which, in turn, gives us greater revenue. We bought all our phones from them so we reduced our revenue costs there. View full review »
Office Manager at a legal firm with 11-50 employees
We have seen ROI with the Auto Attendant, as I mentioned earlier, and the phone lines work much quicker. You can put somebody on hold much quicker. With that, our receptionist really handles the brunt of the calls, and rarely do our paralegals have to take a call. When our paralegals have to take a call, we're pulling them from something that they're doing on a case and interrupting them. They get paid a lot more money than our receptionist does, so right there is a definite return on investment. View full review »
Finance Manager at a legal firm with 51-200 employees
I don't have any data on ROI but there is general satisfaction among the staff. It's definitely money well spent. Because we're leasing the equipment we didn't make any investment. We just swapped out the equipment and we're leasing, so there wasn't any cash outlay upfront. View full review »
Paul Grumbein
General Manager with 1-10 employees
The solution is saving our company money, based on the initial, up-front cost that would normally be required. The monthly ongoing cost is comparable to prior solutions. View full review »