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By "Integrating People with Technology" I help clients define problems they seek to solve then manage deliverables so they get what they expect from their technology investments.

I am dedicated to advancing "utility computing" where data centers of shared compute and storage resources deliver services across smart networks to intelligent devices attached to end users.

Innovation, perspiration and risk taking anchor a career discovering opportunities, solving problems and inventing solutions. My successful IT services startup used customer-first focus and strategic insights to win Fortune 500 business. I leveraged these qualities at HP, Intel and Cisco to advance my core mission to redefine how we deliver and consume computing services.

I moved early to advocate for converged architectures and advance integrated systems like VCE Vblocks into a wide range of enterprise data center clients for Supply Chain and financial services applications that just cannot go down. Now the quest moves to how best to manage the data center.

- Driving effective, lasting change
- Picking winning strategic directions
- Building and supporting successful teams