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Almost 7 years ago
I think your description is very trivial ! And also Big Data is not all about the database tech sitting in the background.
About 7 years ago
I think @imran_sh is asking about space usage y object.Like the tablespace concept from Oracle as an example. Yes, Vertica has a good Resource Manager where you can create custom resource pools for you different user profiles. The negative part ! - no dynamic resource…
About 7 years ago
In order for you get blazing fast big data crunching and drilling you need to give up the small transnational stuff, Vertica is not build for that . As for resource management I don't know on what version are you now, but I can assure you on 7.0 you get all the resource…

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- Start-up planning, implementation and migration of HP Vertica Cluster.
- Creating the Vertica Cluster design to attend customer and SLA needs.
- Database: HP Vertica, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL.
- Unix,Linux and Windows system administration.
- In-depth understanding of database security, backup and recovery procedures to ensure database integrity.
- High level of energy, integrity and ethics with the ability to deliver bottom line results with short deadlines.
- Disaster recovery knowledge and experienced in maintaining H.A. production environments.
- Experienced in planning and implementation of backup and recovery strategy.
- Agile methodologies: Kanban, Scrum.

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