Vertica Review

Great DW value for the money, but needs better workload management

Valuable Features:

• As it can load a lot of data very quickly, it is very helpful for our organization in managing our VLDB. • It has the lowest cost per TB compared to other DW solutions. • Provides us clustering for our commodity hardware and a good data compression ratio compared to other DW tools I've looked into. • It is very scalable. We didn’t face any problems in terms of installation. • Allows concurrent users access. Our staff can process and send query requests simultaneously -- it responds to all requests very efficiently. • It is very easy to use! It also is good in providing OLAP support to our database system. We can also use traditional SQL queries and tables.

Room for Improvement:

• We can’t use vertica as a transactional database because it is unable to handle lot of transactions. • While copying tables straight across from MYSQL, we observe poor performance. Queries take more time for execution. • Our team is challenged during peak loads because of a lack of work load management options. • It doesn’t offer us any configuration options for reducing the size of our database system and limiting our resource usage.

Other Advice:

We are using Vertica because it is a fast and reliable data warehousing tool and provides us a very good data compression ratio. It is cheap in terms of overall cost per TB and also requires less human resource for maintenance and tuning. Vertica I have been told has improved cloud deployment capabilities on any infrastructure.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user110223 (Database Expert at a tech services company)

In order for you get blazing fast big data crunching and drilling you need to give up the small transnational stuff, Vertica is not build for that .

As for resource management I don't know on what version are you now, but I can assure you on 7.0 you get all the resource tools you need to handle all types and sizes of data loads and query needs.

When coping transactional from mysql to Vertica it will be slow as you are going to create so many ros containers during that process that the merge wont be able to deal with them and it will finally spill the data on disk (here is your poor performance) - follow the data loads patterns as on Vertica's docs.