About me

A self motivated GIS and Project Manager with over 25 years of experience in this field of work. A proven and verifiable track record, with a very wide range of experience in some of the most challenging conditions worldwide. Proven leadership skills which involve the management, development and motivation of teams, enabling delivery of products in difficult and varying conditions. Proven analytical, problem solving and design skills, ensuring and maintaining the highest standards. Able to work alone and as part of a team.

Managing multiple concurrent GIS projects, through their life cycle.
Team Management; assigning them tasks and motivating them to achieve deadlines.
Performing quality assurance audits, which include analysing procedures and making efficiency improvements.
Working to and, the understanding of several data quality standards. (DIGEST, SDSFIE etc.)
Organising and conducting the training of personnel.
Presenting reports and demonstrating projects to staff and customers.
Performing analysis to produce, design and specification, which meet specific customer requirements.
Data Procurement, Creation, Management and Distribution of Enterprise Databases.

Initial deployment of Data Management Systems to Kabul, Afghanistan, with the creation and distribution of theatre datasets to multinational users.
Creation of a Global Enterprise Database allowing for the streamlining and improvement in efficiency of production for several major projects in different theatres.
Design, Build and Manage a complex GIS/Analytics/IT system to extremely tight deadline and budget

Specialties: Data Conversion, QA, Process Auditing, Streamlining, Deployable GIS System Design, Datums & Projections, Photogrammetry, Image Analysis, SDE, Enterprise Databases, Analytics.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments