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About 6 years ago
Hello, I appreciate all the comment on the review, I just want to clear things up again, me saying that "I did not find any cons " for prtg does not mean that it might not have any cons. There might be cons that I overlooked and thats why I said that "I did not find cons "…
Over 6 years ago
I appreciate the feedback. Yes , Indeed PRTG has no linux version (I missed that :) ) , and as far as the price is concerned, I found it to be reasonable taking into account the features its offering along with the ease of use. But then again, not everyone would think that…
Over 6 years ago
please find the link to the comparison between the 4 network monitoring tools i mentioned :
Over 6 years ago
Hello, I had recently compared Zabbix, Solarwinds, PRTG and Nagios as prospective network monitoring tools. If you are interested in the same, I can provide you the document. Thanks Anuj Sethi

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