About me

Graduated in Business Administration, I started my working life as a management consultant in Quality and Environmental Systems Management.

At the beginning of my career I worked as a consultant in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems projects and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 project for more than one hundred different companies: mechanical, continuous processes, wood, plastic, services, health, from large to very small sized companies. This experience has allowed me to not only learn a variety of production processes, but to also meet people and organization with diverse backgrounds, and to always experience a multitude of new and exciting situations.

On the financial end, I have also been involved in cost accounting and management control projects.

Above all, I have a curiosity about technology and computing, which has led me to address the issue of computerizing business organizational processes.

Thanks to my work experiences and my innate propensity to information and technology, I started to develop, as Product Manager, a software project called QSA.NET. This project has allowed me to hone my skills in the area of marketing, with a particular focus on product web development.

But my job is not my only passion: I love to play music, which is how I relax, and I love to travel on my own by motorbike, especially visiting the north and east of Europe.

Competences: Relational skills, organizational skills, excellent knowledge of Windows and all major applications, management of web sites, web applications and social media for business purposes (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare), excellent knowledge and use of database relational programs. Knowledge and experience in the design, management and computerization of Management Systems ISO 9001, 14001, FSC, PEFC.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments