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Ease of use, security, reliability, customization (APIs), and pricing models.

About me

Accomplished software executive passionate about building and driving market leading solutions through strategic business development and product innovation. I lead by example and inspire teams to perform with a focus on driving revenue through innovative product strategy, strategic relationships, joint development partnerships, creative sales and marketing, and focused operational management generating increased shareholder value, significant revenue growth, profitability, and successful acquisitions.

• Delivered over 50% of DynamicOps revenue for 3 straight quarters via indirect sales channels.
• Negotiated and closed multi-million dollar agreements through Dell OEM.
• Called most valuable employee by Configuresoft CEO growing from startup to over 200 employees and $40M annual run rate while maintaining profitability resulting in successful acquisition by EMC.
• 30% annual growth for five consecutive years at Configuresoft through product diversification strategy.
• Led reciprocal OEM relationship with EMC creating profitable indirect channel.
• Conceived and delivered several organic products generating tens of millions in new revenues.
• Built and managed geographically dispersed organizations in both private and public companies.

Specialties: Building, leading and scaling product and partner teams from inception to market leadership | Developing market strategies focused on growth and profitability | Implementing agile development with integrated outsourced resources | Cloud | SaaS | Customer experience and loyalty

Virtualization | Datacenter Management | Cloud Management (Private/Public/Hybrid) | Enterprise Storage Systems | Application Management and Profiling | Configuration Management | Compliance | Security | Monitoring