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A much more mature product in this regard is BeyondInsight. Highly customizable and flexible when it comes to scanning.

About me

o SIEM (QRadar, AlienVault, LogStorm)
o Enterprise virtualization (ESXi 5.5/6.0)
o Imperva SecureSphere
o MS SQL Server
o Oracle
o Sybase
o FileMaker;
• Workshops on various technologies of SQL Server, including:
o Asynchronous multi-threaded request processing
o Scaling out reporting environment
o Application locking algorithm (SQL mutexes)
o Dynamic data archiving
• Numerous Data Warehouse projects.

Specialties: - Deep understanding of SQL Server architecture;
- Ability to design custom configuration solutions for specific business requirements;
- Extensive experience in troubleshooting and optimizing complex environments;
- Extensive experience in systems architecture - analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise solutions in dynamically changing environments;
- Work with customers with various levels of expertise;
- Lead projects and manage project teams.