Job function
General Manager
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years
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Chris is an avid developer, speaker, author and is the General Manager of Provoke Solutions Inc. a Microsoft Gold Partner in Seattle WA that specializes in software solutions for SharePoint and the Microsoft technology stack ( Previously Chris was a Senior Technical Product Manager on the SharePoint product group at Microsoft in Redmond Washington managing SharePoint’s professional developer audience technical marketing programs. Chris moved to Redmond from New Zealand in 2007 to work on the software engineering team on the SharePoint 2010 release. Chris’ background is in Microsoft software development and enjoys all things technical. He is a speaker at numerous conferences around the world such as Tech.Ed, the SharePoint Conference, PDC, SharePoint Best Practices Conference, SharePoint Evolution and many smaller community events. Chris co-authored "Beginning SharePoint 2013 development" for Wrox in 2013, holds a Bachelor of Computer Science & enjoys throwing himself out of perfectly good airplanes from time to time.

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