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3 months ago
You're right Ayesha. ELK stack is not for the faint of heart. One needs strong Linux admin skills and also to understand KQL, data structures, data pipelines, etc. It is a very customizable product and if using an on-prem solution one needs to understand Sharding, Index…
5 months ago
I haven't used these big-name ones like Splunk etc. but I feel they're overpriced. I think they charge an arm and a leg for each module. The ROI justification is not there. Why not try a cheaper and robust alternative like Elasticsearch?
6 months ago
SCCM is very robust but you need more time and people to manage it.  For a company of 200 employees only can use something easier to manage such as PDQ deployment S/W. it's a lot cheaper and easier to manage. Kumar.

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