Leke N. Oluwatosin

90 Points5 Years
Job function
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Consulting Company
Years of experience
5-10 years

Leke Oluwatosin - an ardent Technovangelist, a security enthusiast, and a virtualization lover - is a self-motivated and certified network engineer with experience and proficiency in Routing & switching, network security, wireless network design and deployment, network troubleshooting and knowledge transfer. He has proven ability to facilitate corporate success through effective planning, development and deployment of cutting edge enterprise IT solutions that address growing business needs on a multi-vendor networking platform.

-Knowledge of, and experience in configuring and managing Juniper and Cisco Security devices (Cisco PIX/ASA and Juniper SRX), IPSec VPN Tunnels (Site-to-Site/DMVPN/EzVPN/SSL/AnyConnect), and Cisco IOS & Cisco Switch Security.
-Knowledge and experience configuring Junos Space, and managing JunOS-based security devices via Junos Space Security Director.
-Extensive knowledge of, and experience configuring and troubleshooting layer 3 routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, BGP; and High Availability (BFD/NSF/SSO/GRES/NSR) & FHRPs (HSRP/VRRP/GLBP) on both Juniper and Cisco platforms.
-Extensive knowledge of MPLS technology and traffic engineering - L2VPN, L3VPN, and VPLS - and signaling protocols such as LDP and RSVP.
-Knowledge of Cisco Data Center Switching technologies such as FEX, vPC, FabricPath, OTV
-Knowledge of Classical Ethernet Switching (VLANs, 802.1Q Trunking, LACP Port Channels, STP, MST, RSTP, LAG)

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Migrated from ScreenOS based to JunOS based configuration