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9 months ago
Hi @Cheryl Joseph ​Looking at the crossover between Project and Portfolio management with EA, then Planview could be a good choice. If looking at Portfolio Management from an EA perspective then LeanIX and Ardoq could be interesting alternatives. Of course many of the…
9 months ago
Thanks @MichaelSukachev ​appreciate your sharing. I know from my research that LeanIX takes a very different approach, and for many adds value beyond diagramming. I have yet to review the Sparx Cloud offering, I was under the impression that it was not actually native cloud…
9 months ago
Thanks Petr, appreciate your sharing.
10 months ago
@Rony_Sklar ​Thanks. As I said in my original post without knowing the purpose it is not possible to know what questions to ask, for example; 1. If you are not automating then integration with automation is irrelevant. 2. If you are only looking to draw pictures then…
10 months ago
Enterprise Architecture only adds value to the business when it is applied to the actual problems the business faces. All too often people seek to use other people's benefits when trying to justify it in their own organization. It is easy to roll off benefits such as…
10 months ago
Your prime question was, "What tips for choosing a suitable tool", which needs to be answered before considering what to ask a vendor. Vendors are very good at shaping your problem to fit their tools. So, step one is to ask yourself "Why do you want a tool", "What will be…
10 months ago
There is not a simple answer to your question. There are many free BPMN tools out in the market, people like BizAgi have offered one for years. But the key question is around what the purpose of having a tool is. Are you simply looking to create BPMN diagrams as you would in…
12 months ago
If you are evaluating business processes and how well they are designed then in the first instance the question is whether the process delivers the required or expected outcome on a consistent basis, secondly ask the question of whether the process has been simplified to the…

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