About me

Hi, my name is Michael Deaver.
My Mission: To help companies evolve their Human Resources Department into *Strategic* Human Resources, and ultimately to Talent Maximization. I help leaders not only get the "right people on the bus"​ and help them "​to the right seats"​ but also to maximize their productivity and profitability once they're there.

Additionally, I seek to maximize acompany's profits by innovating, testing, and monetizing new revenue centers. I do this by creating new systems, modifying existing systems, implementing new technology tools, identifying new or opportunistic niche markets, and through initiating and cultivating strategic alliances that lead to higher profits.

* * *
Currently I am actively seeking the opportunity to work full-time with an agile company with a team-focused culture that values teamwork, hard work, and innovation.
Should we talk? Call me 407.900.9203.
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I am hired by Human Resources teams backed by their CEO, Presidents, and Managing Partners to augment their current staff to perform Strategic Coaching and Business Systems Consulting. With years of strategic staffing experience, I help prevent the mistakes of hiring the wrong people; hiring the right people for the wrong position; or hiring the right people for the right position without streamlined business and accountability processes in place.

My unique background includes 15 years of leadership in Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, Sales Training, Consulting, & Coaching.

Internationally and culturally experienced, in addition to English, I speak Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

Core Competencies:
Leadership, Coaching, Sales Training, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Onboarding, Sales CRM Setup and Business System Integration, Corporate Training, Implementation Training,Technology Training, CRM Training, Infusionsoft Training